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With Eco Electric  you can ensure that your Electrical problem will be repaired in the most professional and cost-effective manner possible. We are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us. It is through this mutual respect that our company’s reputation was built on.

All of Eco Electric’s services are in compliance with the proper codes, standards, and licensing in the Henderson, NV area. We offer our electricial services to commercial properties in Henderson, residential homeowners, property managers, apartment building owners, real estate agencies, banks, restaurants, and investors that are located in Henderson Nevada area.

Eco Electric is happy to provide “FREE” estimates for any electrical project for your residential or commercial property in the Henderson area.

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When you have an electrical problem in your home or business, or just looking to upgrade your current electrical service there are many benefits to hiring or just talking to our local Henderson Electrician.

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Some Of Our Electrical Services in Henderson Include:

Our Las Vegas Electricians offer:

1. Electrical Wiring

Our experienced team of electricians is here to meet all your electrical needs. From residential wiring installations to commercial electrical repairs, we provide top-notch service with a focus on safety and efficiency. Trust us to deliver quality workmanship and dependable solutions for your electrical projects in Henderson, Nevada. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best electricians in town!

2. Rewiring New & Old Buildings

When it comes to rewiring both new and old buildings, you need a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of electrical systems. Our team specializes in rewiring projects, ensuring that your building’s electrical infrastructure is up to date and compliant with the latest safety standards. Whether you’re renovating an older property or starting from scratch with a new construction, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle the job efficiently and safely. We take pride in delivering reliable, long-lasting electrical solutions that provide peace of mind and functionality for your building. Contact us today to discuss your rewiring needs and let us help you power your space effectively.

3. Ceiling Fan Installation

Enhance your home’s comfort and style with our professional ceiling fan installation services. Our skilled electricians in Henderson, Nevada are well-equipped to install ceiling fans in any room of your home or business. Whether you’re looking to beat the heat during scorching summers or improve air circulation year-round, we’ve got you covered. We’ll carefully assess your space, ensuring the fan is securely mounted and wired correctly to function flawlessly. Our installation services are efficient, safe, and affordable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a well-installed ceiling fan in no time. Don’t sweat it out—contact us today to schedule your ceiling fan installation and experience the difference in your indoor climate and energy savings!

4. Electrical Trouble Shooting

Experiencing electrical issues or problems in your home or business? Our electrical troubleshooting experts are here to help! We specialize in diagnosing and resolving electrical problems quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with flickering lights, circuit breaker trips, or mysterious power outages, our skilled electricians have the knowledge and tools to identify the root cause of the issue. We prioritize safety and accuracy in our troubleshooting process, ensuring that your electrical system operates reliably and securely. Don’t let electrical problems disrupt your daily life or business operations. Contact us today, and we’ll get to the bottom of your electrical troubles and provide effective solutions to keep your property powered and safe.

5. Landscape Lighting

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis with our professional landscape lighting services. Whether you want to illuminate your garden, highlight architectural features, or create a welcoming ambiance for your outdoor gatherings, our experts have you covered. We offer a wide range of landscape lighting options, from energy-efficient LED fixtures to custom-designed systems tailored to your unique preferences. Our Henderson, Nevada team will work closely with you to design, install, and maintain a stunning landscape lighting scheme that enhances the beauty and security of your property. Enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, day or night, with our top-quality landscape lighting solutions. Contact us today to illuminate the beauty of your landscape!

6. Lighting Upgrades and Design

Elevate your living or working spaces with our premier lighting upgrade and design services. We specialize in transforming interiors with innovative lighting solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to create a custom lighting design that suits your style, preferences, and specific needs. From energy-efficient LED installations to mood-enhancing ambient lighting, we offer a wide array of options to suit every space and budget. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home’s interior or revamp your business environment, our lighting upgrades and design services will bring a new level of brilliance to your surroundings. Illuminate your life and space—contact us today for a consultation and let us light up your world!

7. Outdoor and Security Lighting

Ensure the safety and security of your property while enhancing its curb appeal with our outdoor and security lighting solutions. Our expert team specializes in designing and installing outdoor lighting systems that not only add beauty but also provide a sense of safety and peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to illuminate pathways, and driveways, or deter potential intruders with motion-activated security lighting, we’ve got you covered. We offer a range of energy-efficient and durable lighting options that can withstand the elements while showcasing your outdoor space in the best possible light. Don’t compromise on safety or aesthetics—contact us today to explore our outdoor and security lighting options and take your property to the next level.

8. Recessed and Track Lighting

Achieve a sleek and modern look for your home or workspace with our recessed and track lighting solutions. Our skilled lighting designers can transform any room with these versatile and contemporary lighting options. Recessed lighting provides a clean and unobtrusive look, seamlessly blending with your ceiling while offering focused illumination. On the other hand, track lighting allows for flexible and adjustable lighting arrangements, perfect for highlighting specific areas or artworks. We offer a variety of styles and finishes to match your decor and meet your lighting needs. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist aesthetic or want to accentuate certain features, our recessed and track lighting installations will provide both style and functionality. Contact our electricians in Henderson, Nevada today to explore these lighting options and bring a fresh, modern vibe to your space.

And many more…
From electrical troubleshooting to landscape lighting, lighting upgrades, outdoor and security lighting, as well as recessed and track lighting, our comprehensive range of electrical and lighting services covers all your needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s interior, improve outdoor aesthetics, or ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical systems, our expert team is here to provide top-notch solutions. Contact us today to discover our full suite of services and let us meet your unique requirements, no matter how diverse they may be. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities!

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Do you have a Henderson, Nevada, repair, or service need that should be taken care of right away? Trust in Eco Electric to get the job done. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Eco Electric offers first-class electrical service to the Las Vegas area from a friendly and approachable staff. Your needs are foremost in our concerns, and as licensed Las Vegas electricians, we strive to serve you with timely service and quality work on every job site.

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