Electric Vehicles (EV) Charger Installation In Las Vegas


Electric Car (EV) Chargers Installations, Repairs & Replacements in Las Vegas

Do you own an electric vehicle which you would like to be able to charge your EV vehicle at home? Installing a charging station may be worth the investment for the convenience and increased safety. At Eco Electrical Contractors, our Las Vegas master electricians can help you determine if an electric car charging station is right for you. We can offer you the most advanced EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) options on the market and install it for you.
When preparing to install an EV charger station for your electric car it is important to find a qualified, licensed, master Las Vegas electrician! At Eco Electric we will make sure that the electrical outlet will be properly and safely installed. If you don’t have an outlet in your carport or garage, we will install one. If you already have one, we will most likely check the electrical panel capacity. Eco Electric will upgrade it if it lacks capacity. If your electrical panel has capacity, then our electricians will add a new dedicated electrical circuit.

What is an EVSE Charger?

EVSE chargers supply electric energy to recharge electric vehicles. There are three levels of electric vehicle charging devices:

Level 1 Charging

Level 1 EV charging stations involve plugging your vehicle directly into an ordinary household outlet. With level 1 charging, you don’t have to purchase or install any additional equipment, however, the rate it which level 1 charging charges a vehicle is less than optimum. You can expect to get about 4.5 miles for every hour of charge. If that’s too slow for your schedule, you’ll want to look into one of the other two electronic car charging station options.

Level 2 Charging

Installing a level 2 EV charger is the most popular option for most electric vehicle owners. Level 2 chargers are able to charge a vehicle many times faster than level 1 charging while also being more affordable than DC fast chargers. With level 2 EV charging stations, you can expect to get about 70 miles of range per hour of charging, depending on your specific vehicle.

DC Fast Charging

The fastest charging option available, DC fast chargers are able to provide about 40 miles of range for every ten minutes of charging. However, they also cost up to $100,000 and require more power than the typical home is able to provide, meaning that these chargers are used almost exclusively by commercial EV charging stations.

Which EV Charger Do I Need?

Given the cost and power demands of DC fast charging, most people will have either level 1 charging or level 2 charging to choose from. If you don’t do a lot of driving and can afford to charge your vehicle at an incredibly slow pace, level 1 charging can be an adequate solution. For most EV owners, though, level 2 charging is the most practical option.

Which Charging System is Right for You?

At Eco Electric Las Vegas, we know what different charging systems are available, and how each one is going to benefit your vehicle and that will be guaranteed to work with your existing electrical system. Here are some main factors to keep in mind when considering a Las Vegas EV charger for your home or business.:Manufacturer’s Recommendations.
Cost, Performance, and Speed.
Mounted System Vs. Extension Cord.
Your Existing Electrical System.

+++Some homes are already wired with electrical systems that make them able to accommodate charging an electric car without any issues. Others, however, may need some adjustments to be made, particularly if the home is older or smaller.At Eco Electric Las Vegas we know electricity. Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibility of purchasing an electric car, or already have a clear vision in mind of how you want to incorporate a charging system into your home, we can help, we are master Las Vegas electricians and are always ready to help with all your electrical projects.

Electric Vehicles Las Vegas

Want to drive electric? We can help! PowerShift by NV Energy offers special rates, tools, resources and incentives to help make buying an electric vehicle (EV) or building EV charging infrastructure easier.

Thinking of joining the growing number of Nevadans driving an electric vehicle? Our Electric Vehicle Comparison Tool can help you make an informed decision when buying an EV. With the tool you can:

  • Compare purchase prices and fuel costs of different EVs versus different gas engine vehicles
  • Find out what tax credits and rebates are available
  • See how far different EVs can drive on an electric charge
  • Personalize the estimate using your current gas prices and energy bill to more accurately see your projected savings

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