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Surge Protection for your home or business

Surge Protection for your home or business

Nearly every home or business has electronic appliances of some sort and some of these can be pretty expensive.  Flat panel TVs, computers, phone systems, and other electronics are relatively delicate instruments that are susceptible to damage during electrical system voltage surges.  So what is the best way to protect these investments?

Most people are aware that surge protectors are recommended for these products.  A surge protection receptacle strip will work well in most applications.  During low to moderate voltage surges, these surge protection devices will divert the excess voltage to ground and remain intact.  Higher surges, however, can damage the surge protection device and either cause them to fail completely or to lose their ability to protect the equipment plugged in during the next surge event.  Many have an indicator light to allow the user to determine whether or not the surge protection is still present.  This is an important feature and should be checked regularly to ensure your equipment is still being protected.

While the items on the desktop or in the entertainment center are being protected by the surge protection plug strip, what about the wall mounted flat panel TV.  A surge protection plug strip is normally to large to fit behind the TV and oftentimes, a standard receptacle without surge protection is used to power the TV.  Not a good situation.  An alternative is a surge protection receptacle that is installed in place of the normal receptacle.  This will provide surge protection for the TV but there may be a catch.  Some of these receptacles will provide the protection for one event and then lose their ability to protect again.  They will, however, continue to send power to the TV.  They will usually have an indicator light to signal the condition of the surge protector but, since it is located behind the TV, they are difficult to see and unlikely to be seen.  Not a perfect system, but better than nothing.

Most surge protection companies recommend a layered approach to surge protection starting with the “whole house” surge protection.  This device will be installed at a main electrical panel and will have a greater chance of diverting very large voltage transients.  This, in turn, increases the likelihood that the smaller surge protector plug strips will be able to handle any remaining surge downstream.  Whole house surge protection may offer more protection during lightning strikes which can damage electrical wiring and components throughout the system.

If you value the electronics in your home or business, it would be wise to review your surge protection system.

As A licensed electrical contractor in Las Vegas, surge protection is one of our electrical services that we provide.

We also provide FREE ESTIMATES.

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Electrical Upgrade

Las Vegas Electrician

Service Change outs and Upgrades

Eco Electric, your number one choice of  Las Vegas electricians, offers service upgrades and replacements. The electrical service on your house or business is the electrical panel with the meter and is the entry point for electric on the building. This is the boundary point between the utility company and the customer.
There are two common reasons to change out or upgrade an electrical service. The first is damage to the service equipment itself. The other is a desire or need for more electricity than the current service can provide. Either way, the process is generally the same.

The first step is to determine what is desired, an upgrade or a change out. Typically, upgrades are required when adding a pool or sizeable addition on the house.  Older homes were often built with smaller service sizes. A 100 amp service may have served an older house adequately until two additions and a pool were constructed. For houses between 1000 and 3500 square feet, an upgrade to a 200 amp service is usually adequate. These upgrades to 200 amps are typically no problem with the utility company or the building department.
Should you require more than 200 amps, approval from the utility company may take a little more time (and money). The process can also take much longer, sometimes six to eight weeks just to acquire the approval. Typically, upgraded to 400 and 600 amp services occur on much larger houses with more electrical accessories.
The main thing to remember when you decide you need a service upgrade or change out is that you should only have a qualified, licensed electrician perform the work.  Permits and other requirements are of the utmost importance.  Eco Electric in Las Vegas can provide you with these services and will provide free estimates for this work.   So call  702-682-2436 today.


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